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THE summer of 1969 is remembered for many things: the moon landing, Woodstock and the start of American troop withdrawals from Vietnam. The International Monetary Fund’s creation of the Special Drawing Right (SDR) does not rank high on this list. An artificial accounting unit, the SDR resides on the margins of the global financial system. But over the next few weeks, China will haul it into the spotlight.

The question is whether the IMF will include the yuan in the basket of currencies of which the SDR is composed. Its decision, part of a five-yearly review, is expected at the end of the month. Since the late 1990s the SDR has comprised four currencies: the dollar, the euro, the pound and the yen. The IMF allocates some of its notional stash of SDRs to its members, which can be swapped in a pinch for their constituent parts to make external payments.

Adding the yuan to the basket would give it the IMF’s imprimatur as a reserve currency: easily tradable and a good store of wealth. This does not mean it would suddenly rival the dollar. The outstanding value of SDRs is just over $300 billion, about 2.5% of global...Continue reading

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